Africa’s Heaven a Romantic destination with full of Beauties.

No where like Zanzibar. Attractions and Activities :-

Prison Island and Sand bank
 Prison island and Stone town tour in Zanzibar offers a nice sandy beach for relaxation.

Jozani Forest, kuza caves and Paje Beach
It’s the only national park found in Zanzibar. The park is famous for Red Colobus Monkey, the rare species which is endemic to Zanzibar. The forest accommodates variety of tree species, mangrove swamp being one of them as the home to few unique species like Sykes monkey, bush babies and over 50 butterfly and 40 species of birds.

Safari Blue
Safari blue trip in Zanzibar is one among the best sea adventures in the Zanzibar island, not only sailing along with the traditional dhow but also you can have snorkeling, swim, and relaxing on a white sandy beach on a sandbank. In addition to all, there are plenty of sea foods whom are all waiting for you to be tested, the dhow departs from the fumba beach at 09:00am and get back around 03:30pm, with your Safari Blue guide, you will explore the mangrove lagoon hidden inside the Kwale Island.

Dolphin Tour
It’s one of the most exciting tours in Zanzibar. This tour offers you a chance to swim with dolphins in their natural environment. Activities to enjoy here are snorkeling and spotting different kinds of beautiful fish.

Zanzibar Rock Restaurant Tour
Rock Restaurant, A world-famous restaurant, known not only for its extraordinary location, but also its fabulous food inspired by the natural resources, a twist of Zanzibar, and Italian love and beach enjoyment.


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